Our firm has a team specialized in tax matters (contentious consultative) working in multidisciplinary aspects such as financial, accounting and corporate. Our tax services include the following areas:

Tax consultancy: analysis of complex issues involving incidence of federal, state and municipal taxes and their consequences through preparation of reports, legal opinions and technical memoranda, review of tax compliance with ancillary obligations, definition of corporate tax strategy and best practice actions.

Tax Planning: we provide analysis and implementation of operational or corporate tax planning structures, corporate reorganizations to mitigate tax burden, merger and acquisition transactions, structuring of foreign investments, receipt of contributions from third parties, structuring of joint ventures and other business operations structuring.

Judicial Litigation: legal counsel in proceedings at all judicial levels, including representation of clients before the higher courts (Superior Court of Justice and Supreme Federal Court).

Administrative Litigation: advice in administrative proceedings at federal, state and municipal levels. We also advise extensively in the administrative sphere before main Brazilian Administrative Councils and Tribunals such as the Tax and Fees Court of São Paulo (TIT-SP) and the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (CARF) in Brasília.