Labor and Employment

The firm has a highly qualified team to advise our clients on the most diverse labor issues, both in litigation and consultancy area, working in the following areas of labor law:

Litigation: advisory in judicial and administrative actions with monitoring of proceedings in all instances, including several states in Brazilian territory before the higher courts. We provide settlement calculation services and detailed risk and loss assessment reports.

Collective and Union Law: conducting collective bargaining all over Brazil, including the implementation of timesheet, salary adjustment, profit sharing, working hours, compensatory time, voluntary termination plans, suspension of employment agreement and reduction in working hours.

Risk Assessment: risk analysis through preventive and proactive audits in the areas of labor law, trade union, labor relations, social security and occupational medicine. We prepare a roadmap that shows the possible vulnerabilities and points of attention of our clients’ activities with their respective quantification.

Labor Consulting: we provide consulting services related to labor planning and human resources management advice such as preparation of Q&A for clients regarding  development of projects for labor liabilities reduction, for outsourcing, flexible working hours models – special shifts, variable compensation, flexible benefits, cost reduction planning, complete and restructuring labor planning, company’s code of ethics and conduct.

Occupational Health and Safety: labor environment management through development and implementation of Security Service Orders, safety management structure adjustments (OHSAS 18001) to the model adopted by legislation, revision and adaptation of safety manuals and programs , project implementation and monitoring to formalize the PPP.

Coaching: we provide manager development programs through lectures on labor relations, collective and union law, compensation and business compliance for the most diverse sectors of the economy throughout the country.