Corporate – M&A

Since its foundation, our firm has provided legal advice on several operations focused on foreign investment in Brazil. We have advised countless multinationals and investors who settled in Brazil, either through the formation of subsidiaries or through the acquisition of equity interests in existing companies. Our services in the area include the following:

Corporate Transactions: advice in development of joint ventures, consortiums, partnerships, commercial associations, as well as advice on purchase and sale transactions of equity and assets. Our team of attorneys gets involved from the draft of the letter of intent to the final preparation and negotiation of documents for the operations mentioned above. We also have outstanding performance with venture capital and early stage companies, providing advice to investors and entrepreneurs, which include assistance in negotiating the investment and preparing documents related to venture capital and private equity transactions.

Commercial Contracts: analysis and elaboration of a wide range of commercial contracts, including advisory, negotiation and elaboration of contractual instruments for constitution of guarantees, agency contracts and distribution, commercial representation, supply of raw material, industrialization, among others.

Corporate Law: advice on corporate operations such as merger, spin-off, incorporation and dissolution, as well as matters related to corporate governance and corporate law generally applicable to partners and directors of companies. Our attorneys have also experience on companies’ daily activities such as preparation and registration of meetings agenda, board of directors and other members meetings, social books updating and filings of corporate acts with the trade register, including regularization of its effects through the paralegal sector.